The unemployment rate for young workers is still hovering around the 12% range, and with this in mind, the Workopolis team decided to take a look at the best-paying entry-level jobs available right now.

The job postings falling into these categories are made up of two distinct kinds of occupations: roles that are filled by students and candidates without a professional degree or certification; and occupations where the demand is so high that graduates are sought after right out of school.

So, without further ado, here are the top twenty entry-level jobs with the latest salary information provided by the federal government’s Job Bank website and links to currently available job postings on Workopolis.

The top ten jobs posted for Student / entry-level candidates:

    • Customer Service Representative (Average wage: $16.50/hour) [View jobs]


    • Sales Associate / Representative (Average wage: $40,000/year + commission) [View jobs]


    • Technical Support Representative (Average wage: $50,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Administrative Assistant (Average wage: $36,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Account Manager (Average wage: $66,560/year) [View jobs]


    • Cashier (Average wage: $10.50/hour) [View jobs]


    • Receptionist (Average wage: $33,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Grocery Clerk (Average wage: $11/hour) [View jobs]


    • Merchandiser (Average wage: $39,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Beauty Advisor (Average wage: $11/hour) [View jobs]


The top jobs where graduates are sought immediately after finishing school:

    • Registered Nurse (Average wage: $72,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Personal support worker (Average wage: $32,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Business Analyst (Average wage: $75,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Financial advisor (Average wage: $64,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Physiotherapist (Average wage: $71,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Marketing coordinator (Average wage: $48,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Pharmacist (Average wage: $84,765/year) [View jobs]


    • Accountant (Average wage: $59,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Occupational therapist (Average wage: $73,000/year) [View jobs]


    • Human Resources Assistant (Average wage: $44,720/year) [View jobs]

Although the job market remains sluggish in some parts of the country, and landing that first job can be a challenge for younger workers, employers are actively seeking entry-level candidates.