Let’s face it. Job hunting can be exhausting. We craft cover letters, send emails and go through rounds of interviews as we pursue the next big step in our careers. At times, it can leave us feeling more than a little unsure of ourselves and our goals. If you’re going through this process right now, you may be in need of a little motivation. So, take a short break and procrastinate with me in the best way possible: with inspiring and uplifting Ted Talks! Whether you’re exploring a new industry, searching for your dream job, or just looking for the next step in your career, these 5 – 20-minute talks will inspire your job search and help you reach your goals – whatever they are! Check out these top 10 Ted Talks for your career.


1. Ruth Chang: How to Make Hard Choices 

To quit, or not to quit. To take this job, or maybe that job. How about a career change? Then again, maybe not. If you’re half as indecisive as I am, Ruth Chang will be your new best friend.

2. Carol Fishman Cohen: How to Get Back to Work After a Career Break

For those of you returning to work after a break, this one will help you get back into the work force and succeed in your new journey.

3. Kelly McGonigal: How to Make Stress Your Friend

We all get a little stressed sometimes, especially while we’re job searching. In this fascinating Ted Talk, Kelly McGonigal teaches us how to view our higher stress levels as an asset and use it to our benefit.


4. Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Have you got an interview coming up? Get ready to take notes!

5. Julian Treasure: How to Speak So That People Want to Listen

Captivate your interviewer right off the bat. Julian Treasure introduces his inventive H.A.I.L. technique to help you genuinely connect and engage with almost anyone.


6. Larry Smith: Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career

I realize this one doesn’t sound all that inspiring, but trust me, this Ted Talk has a provocative way of challenging you to pursue your passion. Larry Smith has no patience for your excuses.

7. Scott Dinsmore: How to Find Work You Love

Be careful! This Ted Talk might just change the entire direction of your career.


8. Angela Lee Duckworth: The Key to Success? Grit

If you are in fact feeling the stressful sting of the job hunt, this one’s for you. Just hang on tight and we’ll get through this!


9. Alain de Botton: A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of Success

In this Ted Talk, Alain wants you to think differently about success and maybe, just maybe, go a little easier on yourself.

10. Sarah Lewis: Embrace the Near Win


Nailed the interview but still didn’t get the job? That’s ok! Sarah Lewis shows us how every near win is almost as valuable as a win itself.


Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die 

Though not officially a Ted Talk, Steve Jobs’ inspiring Stanford University commencement speech is highly revered among Ted experts as being one of the most powerful and enlightening speeches for shaping not only your career, but your entire life’s direction.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc]