Tuesdays. I’ve always been kind of anti-Tuesday, myself. It seems like the least interesting, dullest day of the week. Monday has the appeal of a fresh start to a new week full of potential. Wednesday has it’s ‘hump day’ attraction. Thursday is often payday, and anyway it’s almost the weekend. The attractiveness of Friday, Saturday and Sunday goes without saying. What’s Tuesday got?

It turns out that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week for getting things done at work. According to a recent survey of human resources managers by Accountemps, that’s the day when most people are working at their peak and accomplishing the most.

As we noted earlier on Workopolis, Tuesdays are also the day of the week that most people apply for jobs. (However, Monday applications tend to be more successful.)

According to the Accountemps study, Tuesdays have been the most productive day of the week every year since they began surveying in 1987. Mondays come in second place, and Wednesdays are third. Thursday and Friday are tied for the least productive days of the week, according to the more than 300 HR managers who were polled.

So if you have a big project to tackle – or a backlog of work to catch up on – today’s the day. Tuesday is when to get it done. More specifically, the peak time is between 10:00am and noon on Tuesdays. (It’s good to know that we can perform at our best for those two hours a week.)

For most people earlier in the day is better. The Accoutemps survey found that between 4:00pm and 6:00pm were the least productive times of any workday. Although some of this may depend on whether you are a night owl or an early bird. Arranging your work schedule around when your own energy levels are at their peaks will boost your productivity.

Make every day as productive as a Tuesday?

Accoutempts suggests making a to-do list of what you plan to accomplish every day. Then cut that list in half by narrowing it down to just your top priorities. People too often fill their job lists with tasks they’d like to do, but then become frustrated at their lack of progress whittling down such a long list of projects. A smaller, more realistic list that leaves some wiggle room the inevitable unexpected tasks and setbacks will help keep you motivated and on track.

So this concludes my life-long distaste for Tuesdays. It’s no longer the blandest day of the week with nothing going for it. Tuesday is task day. Get it done day. The work day of the work week.

(Okay it’s no St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s something.)


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