Workopolis is helping MuchMusic hire a paid intern for the summer. This sounds like a fantastic way earn some cash over the summer and a great way to get some real-world media experience on a fledgling resume. Of course that is just going to go to the one person lucky enough to be chosen (so apply now.) So, what else can you do between school and work to experience some real-world adventures?

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with three young friends who have all been struggling with what to with the next phase of their work life. Two are university grads who are not working in their field and are underemployed. The third was unemployed and a college graduate.

Their stories inspired me to share some of their insights. All three of these young women had decided that rather than forcibly take more classes, pound the pavement or conscientiously “look for a new direction”, they were going to live life and see what came out of that. I loved it.

Megan had already, in 2011, gone on a rock concert weekend, alone, to a neighboring province; gone camping then white water rafting for the first time in her life and planned and taken a U.S. trip with a friend. She was exhilarated and motivated to begin her goals for 2012 with a vengeance.

Leyla couldn’t find a job as a computer graphic designer, so she stepped way out of her comfort zone to get some worldly experience. She left her boyfriend behind and accepted a six-week ESL assignment at a children’s camp in Korea. The pay is excellent, the contacts she’ll make are global, and the life lessons invaluable.

Penny was working in an admin role with a university degree and wanted to expand her options. She signed on to teach ESL for a year in the Pacific Rim.

While education is usually mandatory today to ensure a fulfilling position with escalating pay, worldliness can be just as helpful in rounding out your life perspective. Having a broader view and range of experience can open you up to opportunities you might never otherwise have even encountered. Go for the gusto! Take some chances, live a little in 2012!

Oh, and the deadline for applying to the MuchMusic internship is May 28th.

Best of luck!

Colleen Clarke, Career Specialist & Corporate

Author of Networking How to
Build Relationships That Count
, How to Get a Job and Keep

Co-author of The Power of Mentorship; The Mastermind