How much can you tell about a person by the way they sign their name? When we first learn cursive writing back in school, we all probably wrote our own names fairly similarly: rounding out and connecting each letter as legibly as we could.

Over the years as we grow and sign more and more documents, delivery slips, and birthday cards, our signatures evolve from the rote copying of a sequence of letters into the unique identifier that signifies we have put our mark on something.

What does that evolved signature say about you? Consciously or unconsciously, you’ve made a number of choices in your official sign. Do write out your full name, an abbreviation, or a nickname? Do you double back after the last letter for an illustrative underline? Do you take the time to cross the Ts and dot the Is? Key personality traits are associated with your signature style.

Do you write large or small for the designated area?

A study of CEO signatures by the Harvard Business Review looked at the signatures of over 600 CEOs on ten years of annual reports from Standard & Poor’s 500 companies. Those with larger signatures tended to be narcissistic personality types. Along with large egos and displays of dominance, CEOs with large signatures were also more inclined to overspend, generate lower returns on assets, and yet still receive higher pay than their (less narcissistic/smaller signature) peers.

So, what does your signature say about you? Consult the chart below and see how your personality is coming across in your signature style.

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Thanks to the creative team over at Crystal Hearts Psychics for putting this infographic together.