Woman creates awesome Lego-like self to go with resume

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Some people are so creative. File this one under ideas you wish you’d come up with.

An aspiring account service intern named Leah created a Lego-inspired model of herself to send out along with her resume to ad agencies – and it is truly inspiring.

On her Imgur account, Leah explains:

“I wanted a fun way to stand out to agencies and get my resume out of the trash can — I’ve always loved LEGO and I created this set to highlight my creativity, skills and initiative! It’s something I hope to be able to send out along with a job application…this is really only for agencies that are dream opportunities, but I tried to customize each one based on the agency’s branding and colors…One agency specifically requested a persuasive advertisement, so I made an 11×17 poster to “advertise” my miniscale me as well as my skills!”

I can’t imagine it will take long for this woman to find a job. And I agree with the commenter who said, “Psst: drop the ‘intern’ – you are more than qualified for a full time job. Reach for the sky.”

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