Plenty of us have jobs, or have had jobs in the past, where we fantasize about quitting in dramatic fashion. Like telling the boss he’s a fatheaded, pompous tool in front of the entire staff and waltzing out to thunderous applause. Or starring in a commercial that airs during the Super Bowl and saying “I quit,” in front of 1000 million people.

Well one woman got to live exactly that dream (the second one) last weekend. Gwen Dean, a 36-year-old machine engineer from Yonkers, beat out 99 others to star in a GoDaddy spot, and quit her job in the ad produced by Deutsch NY.

The spot stars actor John Tarturro, who introduces Gwen as “a real person, with a real dream of starting her very own business.”

Gwen, who is leaving her job to start her puppet-making business Puppets by Gwen then tells her boss, “Ted,” of an unnamed company “Hi Ted. I quit!”

Gwen isn’t the first to quit her job via video – remember Marina Shifrin, whose video she posted of herself quitting her job at a Taiwanese animation studio went viral in October (and the company’s subsequent response)? But she’s certainly the person with the biggest one-time audience.

It’s not known whether Gwen’s job was actually horrible or whether she just wanted to star in a commercial because it’s an amazing way to get publicity for a brand new business.

Reuters reports that Gwen still plans to send a formal resignation to her boss.